The Silence

It suffocates her

She can’t deal with the screaming

It kills her inside

But she’s learned to be braver

Silence is her biggest fear


Who Am I?


Short, kind, loving, strong

Daughter of Roxann and a man best left out of my life

Lover of music, writing, and the pursuit of happiness

Who feels there’s something better out there, strength is fading from life, and lost in the chaos

Who finds happiness in the simple beautiful moments of life

Who needs just a little guidance through the chaos

Who gives too much to people who deserve so little

Who fears death is making a practical joke, light and silence will be her end, and chaos is all there will ever be

Who would like to see the people of the world change

Who enjoys dogs, friends, family, anime, and gaming

Who likes to wear hoodies and Converse

Resident of this life



She remember it

The feel of his skin against her own

His lips pressing passionately against her own mirrored passion

The way he held her close to keep her warm

She remembers it all too well

She misses it

She still sees him

Gives him a ride home or to work

Just a seemingly harmless thing

But it’s the only thing she can do to stay close

She talks to him

Like it’s no big deal to be next to him



Are his lips so inviting

He pulls her in for a hug

She smiles

Holding back everything

She wants to kiss him

She wants to be his again


It will never happen again

He kisses her

One last time

Bringing her one step closer to insanity

The temptation to much

She smiles

Glad to have his lips on more time

She drives off

Not looking back

Even though

Anyone who knows her know what just happened

Damn him

The thought is the only thing running through her mind

She whispers goodbye

Hoping to never see him again


As always

The next day she does

Trust Me (teaser)


‘Trust me…’

Those are of the last words she said to me. Her name is Hailey, and I did trust her, but my mistake was just that. Trusting her. I’ll never trust her again, or anyone for that matter. It only gets me hurt. By her reputation, I should’ve known it’d never last. I’m not quite sure why I’m even thinking of her, but, as I sit here waiting for the bus, she’s what I’m think about. Maybe, it’s because I thought I loved her, but I don’t love her anymore, in fact I could care less about her existence, so why I’m thinking about her, I don’t know. Most people say I’m still in love with her, I never really got over her, and everything else most people say when someone  just stops caring,  I think I’ve heard it all, but I know I don’t care, and that’s what matters.

The bus pulls up, I get on, and start the long route to school. I’m in a seat by myself, so I sit looking out the window.

‘Trust me. I’m not the kind of girl to have sex, then just leave. If you think that… Starr, if you really think that… You’re no better than any of the men I’ve dated…’

I remember that night and the morning after quite well. We were at Hailey’s house. She threw a party for me, and the sex was supposed to be my birthday present, but everything was so I didn’t make a scene and so she could keep up her rep. I should’ve known what she wanted when she took me upstairs. I should’ve known when she wouldn’t cuddle with me, she always cuddled with me, what was about to happen. I should’ve known when she said we needed to talk what she was going to say, but I didn’t.